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Country of our ancestors acted as the golden gate between the mysterious far China and rich European countries needing luxury. It is no coincidence that such kind of attention was paid to the main “team leader” on the route of the ancient Silk Way. The main transport corridors in those early years depended not only on the availability of food and water in stopping points for caravans. Caravan highway ran usually through the countries in which travelers and merchants found a high level of civilization and culture, the absence of war and civil strife, the desire of local people to trade contacts. Together, these qualities are inherent in Azerbaijan. And its hard-working talented artisans could offer foreign merchants a lot of useful products. Fine jewelry, brass and stringed musical instruments, precious weapon, gorgeous, very valuable carpets and, of course, local varieties of silk fabrics sparkling like a rainbow. What about natural resources? Merchants exported to Europe, oil, precious stones, salt, mercury, alum, wool, linen, cotton, mineral pigments, pharmaceutical drugs, and more. Copper items such as dishes, trays, candlesticks, astronomical instruments were famous all over the world. By the way, the tradition of experienced craftsmen survived the centuries - and up to day, in the Azerbaijani village of Lahij, craftsmen continue to create wonderful copper items, using the secrets of the entire dynasties. Tourists buy such valuable artefacts in the style of “oriental” with pleasure. No less successful transaction, many tourists consider the opportunity to purchase handmade carpet encrusted belt, gold embroidery, national scarf ‘kalagai’, samples of wooden architecture, painting of the Azerbaijani artists working in traditional style, etc. All these works of art are highly valued abroad by experts and enthusiasts of fine oriental decoration. Today, as part of TRACECA program the republic participates in the revival of the historical transcontinental route of the Silk Way which is by reviving the ancient trade references will connect Asia with Europe.
Azerbaijan is located in the south-eastern part of the Transcaucasian region, western Asia. It borders to the north - with Russia, in the north-west - with Georgia, in the south - with Iran, in the west - with Armenia, in the extreme south-west - with Turkey. In the east it is washed by the Caspian Sea. Its area is 86 600 sq. m. km. In addition to the mainland it composes of numerous small islands of the Caspian Sea (Baku and Absheron archipelago). In Azerbaijan, you can see all kinds of terrain: the mountains and lowlands and plains, and valleys. Approximately half of the territory of Azerbaijan occupied by mountains in the north - the Greater Caucasus mountain range to the south-west - the backbone of the Lesser Caucasus. The highest point in the country is Bazarduzu mountain or Dividing Range (4466 m). In the central part of the country is the Kura-Araz lowland, in the south-east - Lankaran lowland. The subsurface resources contain oil, iron ore, non-ferrous metals. Azerbaijan mountains are covered with shady forests. Real decoration of Azerbaijani lands is its mountain lakes. The lakes Batabat, Miguel Maralgol and others have distinctive and unique beauty. There are over 1000 mineral springs, the most famous - Badamly, Istisu, Sirab. Flora and fauna of Azerbaijan are also rich and diverse. In the republic there are 9 out of 11 of the world's climate zones.
Nature of the country is very rich. Even unique forests are preserved in its territory - a monument of the Cenozoic era. They are not found anywhere else in the world. It is not surprising that the government is creating and maintains many of its protected areas. Such reservations as Gizilagach, Zagatala and Shirvan have international significance. Girkan national park preserves relict vegetation in the Talysh Mountains and the Lankaran Lowland. The main purpose of creation of Turyanchay reservation is conservation and restoration of arid landscapes of forests Bozdag. Natural complexes on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus protects Ismayilli reservation, and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world - Goygol, and surrounding natural complexes of the Minor Caucasus protect Goygol Reservation. Not less interesting Aggol, Basitchay, Karayaz, Pirguli reservations. Only in Azerbaijan, there are 13 nature reservations and 18 wildlife sanctuaries.
Fauna of Azerbaijan is very diverse and has about 12 thousand species. The forests are inhabited by bears, wolves, deer, lynx, wild boars. In arid areas and plains there are a number of lizards, poisonous snakes and other reptiles, as well as hares, wolves and foxes. In the valleys of the Kura and Araz you can see wild boar, roe deer, badgers, jackals. From big animals are gazelles. You can also meet Dagestan goat, chamois. In the shallow bays of the Caspian Sea the world of birds is plentiful - pheasants, partridges, grouse. Many of the birds fly in the winter - ducks, geese, swans, herons, pelicans, flamingos, cormorants, etc.
It is allowed fishing of 30 species in the fresh waters of the republic and in the Caspian Sea. Many of them are fished in the Kura and some reservoirs. The most valuable species of fish are salmon, sturgeon, beluga, asp, shammai and lamprey. In addition to them are found bream, carp, etc. In the factories and farms of the republic for cultivation of different species of fish are now diluted to 20 million sturgeon, 600 000 – salmon fries and more than 800 million bream, carp and other fish.
<div> <h1>Гид болельщика</h1> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-8 col-md-offset-2"> <div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9"> <iframe src="" width="1140" height="350" style="position:absolute;"></iframe> </div> </div> </div> <br /> <h1>Азербайджан – новая точка на карте Формулы 1</h1> <p> Новейший в истории «королевских гонок» 2016 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE пройдет в Баку уже этим летом, с 17 по 19 июня. Этот сезон станет рекордным для Формулы 1 – нас ждет 21 гонка в самых разных уголках планеты. </p> <p> Городская трасса Baku City Circuit проложена в самом сердце Баку и проходит по центральным улицам столицы Азербайджана. Скоростной, сложный, красивый – эти три слова лучше всего характеризуют Baku City Circuit. </p> <p><img src="../../Images/Formula/f1.jpg" class="img-responsive" style="height:400px;" /></p> <h2>Билеты</h2> <p> Трехдневные билеты позволят гостям гонки посмотреть свободные практики, квалификацию, основную гонку Формулы 1 в воскресенье, а также посетить концерты мировых звезд, который будут проходить в зоне F1 Village. </p> <p><img src="../../Images/Formula/f2.jpg" class="img-responsive" style="height:400px;" /></p> <h3>Билеты на Формулу-1 дает вам право на бесплатный вход на концерты трех мировых исполнителей</h3> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-4"> <p><img src="../../Images/Formula/iglesias.jpg" class="img-responsive" title="Enrique Iglesias" style="height:250px;" /><b>Enrique Iglesias</b></p> </div> <div class="col-md-4"> <p><img src="../../Images/Formula/williams.jpg" class="img-responsive" title="Pharrell Williams" style="height:250px;" /><b>Pharrell Williams</b></p> </div> <div class="col-md-4"> <p><img src="../../Images/Formula/brown.jpg" class="img-responsive" title="Chris Brown" style="height:250px;" /><b>Chris Brown</b></p> </div> </div> <h2>Абшерон – Главная трибуна</h2> <p> Трибуна Абшерон предоставит всем гостям незабываемый вид на трассу Формулы 1. Трибуна расположена прямо напротив гаражей команд. Обладатели билетов на эту трибуну станут свидетелями напряженного старта гонки, а также смогут наблюдать за происходящим во время пит-стопов команд: обзор пит-лейна и старт/финишной прямой сделает посещение Гран При Европы Формулы 1 незабываемым. </p> <h2>Зона свободного доступа</h2> <p> Зона свободного доступа предлагает фанатам автоспорта насладиться борьбой на трассе с разных точек трассы. Данная категория билетов позволит болельщикам перемещаться по разным зонам вдоль трассы, а для удобства будут установлены специальные подиумы для просмотра гонки. </p> <h2>Другие трибуны</h2> <p> Все трибуны расположены в наиболее интересных местах трассы, позволяя гостям насладиться видами города, а также борьбой на трассе. Город, соединяющий в себе исторический шарм и современность, не оставит никого равнодушным.</p> <p><img src="../../Images/Formula/f3.jpg" class="img-responsive" style="height:400px;" /></p> <h1>Официальная программа 2016 FORMULA 1</h1> <h2>Пятница, 17.06.16</h2> <p>GP 2 - Свободная практика</p> <p>Формула 1 – Свободная практика 1 14:00 – 15:30</p> <p>Формула 1 – Свободная практика 2 17:00 – 18:30</p> <p>GP 2 - Квалификация</p> <h2>Суббота, 18.06.16</h2> <p>GGP 2 - Race 1</p> <p>Формула 1 – Свободная практика 3 15:00 – 16:00</p> <p>Формула 1 - Квалификация 17:00 -18:00</p> <h2>Воскресенье, 19.06.16</h2> <p>GP 2 - Race 2</p> <p>Формула 1 - 2016 GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE 17:00 – 19:00</p> <h1>Hospitality - Formula One Paddock Club</h1> <p><img src="../../Images/Formula/f4.png" class="img-responsive" style="height:400px;" /></p> <p> Преобретите билеты в Formula One Paddock Club и станьте VIP-гостем с лучшим в мире обслуживанием. В Formula One Paddock Club все сделано для вас. Комбинация доступа в святая святых Формулы 1, высококлассного уровня обслуживания, высокой кухни и захватывающего вида на трассу Формулы 1 полностью изменит ваше представление о «королевских гонках». Ни один другой вид спорта не может предоставить доступ к такому количеству VIP-персон и знаменитостей. </p> <p> Гости Formula One Paddock Club получат настоящее удовольствие, наблюдая за гонкой с самой выгодной позиции: ложи расположен непосредственно над боксами команд, поэтому всю мощь и захватывающий шарм Формулы 1 можно будет прочувствовать на протяжении всего гоночного уикенда. </p> <hr /> <h1 style="background:#070c6c; color:#ffffff"> Обратная связь для заказа билетов</h1> <hr /> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-4 text-primary"> <p><i class="fa fa-envelope "></i><b>&ensp;</b></p> <p><i class="fa fa-phone-square"></i><b>&ensp;+994 (12) 447 55 00</b></p> <p><i class="fa fa-mobile"></i><b>&ensp;+994 (50) 263 38 31/36</b></p> </div> <div class="col-md-4"> <p><a href="skype:kamal.askerzade"><i class="fa fa-skype"></i><b>kype</b></a></p> <p><a href=""><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i><b>acebook</b></a></p> </div> </div> </div>
There are nine climatic types in the country from dry and humid subtropical to mountain tundra (alpine). Average annual temperatures range from +15°C in the lowlands to 0°C in the mountains. Average July temperature - from +26°C in the plains (maximum +32-35°C, but sometimes reaches up to +40°C) to +5°C in the highlands, and the average January accordingly is from +3°C to -10°C. Summer is dry. Autumn and spring – are rainy. Precipitation falls in the year are from 200 mm in Absheron to 1200-1700 mm in the Lankaran lowland. Strong northern winds are observed quite often, especially in autumn.
All rivers of Azerbaijan flow into the Caspian Sea. In Azerbaijan there are about 1250 small rivers. Most of the rivers belong to the basin of the Kura River - the largest river in the Caucasus (the length of 1515 km, the area - 188,000 sq km). Some of them run straight into the Kura, others to its major tributary Araz - the second largest river of Azerbaijan (length 1,072 km), and others directly into the Caspian Sea. Mingachevir Power Station and Mingechevir Reservoir (605 sq. km.) have been constructed on the Kura River.
There are 250 lakes in the country, most of which are small. The largest one is Hajigabul (area 15.5 sq. km.). A little smaller - Boyukshor (10 sq m). There is a group of picturesque lakes in the north-eastern slope of the Murovdag ridge, among which one of the most beautiful lakes in the Caucasus - Goygol.


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